Meditation and spiritual growh
My meditations, tune-ups, webinars, courses, books and healings programs (money, business, life purpose, twin flames)
Personal coaching & Energy healing sessions

Spiritual guidance via diagnostics, recommendations, private coach-sessions, healing sessions (life purpose, career, business, money, twin flames etc.)

Cross-stich: Healing embroidery art work
My hand-made embroidery art boost the healing process of your situations and make your sincere desires come true.
Created individually with love
Exclusive private & corporate events worldwide
Unique locations and ideas, unforgettable immersive experiences worldwide
Personal shopping
Distant/live pick-up of stylish outfits and accessories for you, purchase and shipping
Song writing
Lyrics writing in English, Russian
About me

  • Entrepreneur, founder of top-event 'Star event' agency in Nur-Sultan (2016-2022)
  • Public speaker (guest to Women Empowerment Program from The US Embassy in Astana, Kazakhstan in 2017, "Best for kids" Social Foundation, public talks for the capital's school-pupils
  • Natural healer, spiritual coach, over 13 years of training from best CIS and world teachers on spiritual & self growth and business. Author of own healing method
  • Creator of YouTube channel about spiritual growth with almost 4k subscribers, hundreds reviews on my guided meditation and courses
  • Author of the healing book "The Big Book of Twin Flames Part 1"
  • Made classes on event (wedding planning, classes for HR managers in Nur-Sultan on event planning)
  • Organized the first the immersive 'Inside' theater show in Kazakhstan 2017
  • Passionate traveller - 17 countries, lived in Argentina, Brazil and Cuba for over 2,5 months
  • Author of photo-project on travel photography @lebedevaworld 2020
  • Degree in Journalism (L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, writing poetry and stories, songs
  • 6 000 subscribers in 3 social media networks

One of my missions - to show people, that one can fulfill all the dreams: create projects from the heart, travel all over the world and live happy life!
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