Start with yourself! Allow yourself the best
Use techniques and tools to create your happy life
Allow yourself to have what you want in all areas of life.
Recorded video seminar lasting 1 hour and 27 minutes
Video is in Russian with English subtitles

How often do you forbid yourself to be loved, rich, and happy? How often, just before you win, do you sabotage your results and ruin everything you've created? At the peak of a relationship, before a promotion, before the launch of an important project, before the realization of a dream, when you are only one step away from getting what you want? What is the reason for this sabotage? The answer lies within you: it's lack of self-love. Yes, no matter how it sounds, and you may think you love yourself... But it's YOU who don't allow yourself to get everything you want. It's the inner refusal to let yourself be loved, the feeling that you don't deserve it, that's what's stopping you from growing. After watching this, you'll find the reasons why you haven't allowed yourself to get what you want. You'll understand why you are where you are and not where you really want to be. And you will begin to change that today. I will give you the theory and practical tools that will allow you to transform any area of your life.

Guaranteed access to the file 12 months

Become real yourself: noticed and free and create harmonious relationships!
Recorded video seminar lasting 1 hour 5 minutes
Video is in Russian with English subtitles

Until you get your fears and limitations out of your head, you won't have the happy relationship you dream of. It's time to face your fears and figure out what's keeping you from being happy in a relationship. We will heal ourselves and launch a powerful energy healing process to transform this area of your life. This is guaranteed. Why are you afraid to be yourself, trying to hide yourself or be someone else and not doing what you want? Embrace yourself, your sexuality, your uniqueness, open yourself up to the world and return and show who you really are. Get back to the inner wholeness to become happy in a relationship.

Guaranteed access to the file 12 months

Access to files 12 months
50 000 tenge / 10 000 rubles / $125


A healing program for complete acceptance of yourself, your body, unveiling of beauty and sexuality

Dear ones, it's time to truly fall in love with yourself, accept yourself and start allowing yourself to get what you deserve!

Are you ready to be beautiful? How much do you value yourself? What do you settle for in a relationship? Do you show the real you? Do you accept your body? Do you allow yourself to accept expensive gifts from men? Or are you afraid of losing a man? Do you love yourself enough to lose a man but stay true to yourself? Do you cancel your plans for a man? Do you love every cell of your body? Do you allow yourself a financial abundance? Do you hear yourself and your true desires? Do you hear your body speaking to you?

A new healing program is about self-worth, relationships with men, about connection with the body, about psychosomatics, blocks, connection with the soul through your body. About sensuality, allowing yourself to be attractive, sexy, about 30 days of beauty, about money, about love.

  • You will start to hear yourself better, remove blocks from your body, cleanse your body and mind
  • You will connect with yourself, open up, allow yourself to be "the most beautiful woman in the room," will stop running away from men and relationships, begin to allow yourself to receive gifts without a feeling that you 'must' give something back
  • You will increase your income (as a result of working on your feeling valueble),
  • Get out of unpromising relationships, begin to put yourself first. Stop fitting in and losing yourself in relationships.
  • Also you will heal the blocks, allow yourself to be sexy and noticed without any fear. Accept yourself, your body and beauty

+ Webinar "The Body: Healing Sexuality" IN RUSSIAN with english subtitles (80 minutes)
+ 3 incredibly powerful healing meditations in English (acceptance of body +beauty revealing +healing the sexuality)
+ Powerful author's practice for uncovering beauty
+ Effective practical exercises


In the program:
+ Webinar "The Body: Healing Sexuality" IN RUSSIAN with english subtitles (80 min)
+ 3 incredibly powerful healing meditations in English (acceptance of body +beauty revealing +healing the sexuality)
+ Access to files 12 months

75 000 tenge / 15 000 rubles / $187,5
Make money in ease with your uniqueness malikng the business you love
To discover our uniqueness and show ourselves to the world. To allow ourselves to do what we want and HOW we want. To reveal our true scale and show our true face to the world. When you can no longer live and do as everyone else does. You are no longer hiding your dreams, you are no longer limiting them - you are trusting yourself, your scale, and asking the world for exactly what you want. You dream of what you really want. And you begin to create in a new way: projects, businesses that worthy of your True Scale. You begin to shine. And show the real you.

In the program: a set of powerful meditations "Career. Uniqueness. Scale" and webinar "Business in the new times".
About the webinar
"Business in the new times", lasting 126 minutes in Russian with English subtitles

Business in the new times - is a business based on your uniqueness. It's about life purpose and new money in ease!
Allow yourself to have a business on your terms with the income you deserve!
Absolutely practical webinar with exercises for revealing your true scale and new financial level.

You'll discover your true potential, break the "financial ceiling", allow yourself to raise checks and only work on the projects that ignite you! And you'll work with grateful clients who are in unison with you.

It's not about enrolling in some shay financial programs or trying to follow the trends or do business like everyone else.
It's about listening to your intuition and making big money on your favorite (!!!) business.

+ I'll give you a cool technique for unlocking your true scale and reaching a new financial level.

+ Will talk about the mindset of wealth.
+ About the new scaling in business, about connecting with yourself, about being true to yourself. Because "money in ease" is money on your favorite business. Without burnout, crowds of employees, sleepless nights and stress.

Who is this webinar for:
For current entrepreneurs and self-employed people who want to find their passion and earn money easily.
My experience in business:

Entrepreneur, founder of one of the best event 'Star event' agency in Nur-Sultan (2016-2022)
Among the successfully implemented projects are the Polish-Kazakh Economic Forum with the our Head of State, international events for EXPO-2017, projects for Toyota, Total, Samruk-Kazyna, etc.

Organized the first the immersive 'Inside' theater show in Kazakhstan 2017

2010-2016 Successful photography business, commercial shoots

2020-present - Spiritual teacher, healer

In the program:
+ Webinar "Business in the new times"
+ Set of powerful meditations in English "Career. Uniqueness. Scale"
+ Access 12 months

100 000 tenge / 20 000 rubles / $250

Hundreds of reviews on my healing products in Russian

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To purchase a program you like, write the full title to me in Telegram (example: “Career, Uniqueness, Scale” program). You will receive a payment link.
You will receive an answer in Telegram within 24 hours. If, for some reason beyond my control, you have not received a response within the noted period, write to me at After payment you will get access to the files.
Guaranteed access to the files 12 months.

! Please note that the payment is non-refundable. By sending a message to the messenger, you confirm that you have read and agree to these terms.

! Access to the files is provided to one person solely for the purposes of personal use/listening.
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About the author

  • Entrepreneur, creator of a top agency for organizing private and corporate events in Nur-Sultan (2016-2022)
  • Speaker (guest of the Women Empowerment Club of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan in 2017, PF "Best for kids", speeches for youth of Kazakhstani lyceum schools
  • Healer, spiritual teacher, wealth mindset coach, over 13 years of training with the best teachers in the CIS and the world in spiritual, personal growth, as well as in business. Author of own healing method
  • Creator of YouTube channel about spiritual growth with almost 4k subscribers, hundreds reviews on my guided meditation and courses
  • Author of the healing book "The Big Book of Twin Flames Part 1"
  • Made classes on event (wedding planning, classes for HR managers in Nur-Sultan on event planning)
  • Organized the first the immersive 'Inside' theater show in Kazakhstan 2017
  • Passionate traveller - 17 countries, lived in Argentina, Brazil and Cuba for over 2,5 months
  • Author of photo-project on travel photography @lebedevaworld 2020
  • Degree in Journalism (L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, writing poetry and stories, songs
  • 6 000 subscribers in 3 social media networks

One of my missions - to show people, that one can fulfill all the dreams: create projects from the heart, travel all over the world and live happy life!

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