Powerful Money Meditations and Affirmations for a Financial Abundance in Your Life

Start changing your financial mindset. Open yourself to the flow of abundance and make friends with money energy!


Dear ones, start working with your thinking with the help of these magical affirmations! Create a new life according to your scenario. Form new beliefs that will lead you to what you desire.


New affirmations will help you reprogram your mindset for abundance. Believe that the world is abundant, that there is enough for everyone! See the abundance of opportunities, money and resources - open up to miracles and begin to consciously focus on the abundance around you every day. This will align you with the frequency of wealth and abundance and bring great opportunities into your life.

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Powerful meditations to create financial abundance in your life


The Ho'oponopono Money Meditation will help you deeply heal your relationship with money. Trust the divine flow and allow your money situation to heal. Ho'oponopono will allow you to accept and forgive yourself for past irrational relationships with money, remove blocks, fears, and guilt. Open your heart to healing.

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Meditation will help you push your financial limits. You will allow yourself to receive MORE money in ease and goodness. Raise your bar, start allowing yourself more money without tension or stress.

In "6 Habits of Wealth" course

Meditation will heal your deep allowing and accepting money on all levels. Sometimes we don't allow ourselves to accept money, thinking that we are not enough, or that we need to do something, or that we need to become someone. Sometime in the future, but not now. And so we block our flow of abundance. And all you need is just to accept, just to receive money. Give yourself permission to receive.

In "Money and abundance" course

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